One Platform for All Use Cases


Small footprint of less than 3 square feet.


Creates health profile in less than 2 mins

Not a traditional Health Kiosk

More insights with health risk assessment & long term engagement with intelligent chat-bots

Instant Report

WhatsApp, email & SMS


Evidence Based & Proven Science

Extended IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) Platform

Single Platform for 15+IoMT Devices (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Haemoglobin, Spirometer, ECG etc.)

Display Ads

Remote cloud based advertisement

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Screening Report

Detailed reports with health parameters and disease risk scores along with personalised insights and guidance that are instantly delivered via WhatsApp, SMS and App. Reports can be white-labelled and customised as per need to improve brand awareness and recall. Direct data integration using well documented APIs with your existing EMR, database or app.

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Intelligent Chatbot

Our AI powered chatbot engages with end-users and eases the way to connect with healthcare services - be it consultations, diagnostics or wellness. Backed by scientific evidence based symptom triage algorithms it provides continuing engagement for greater retention.

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Personalized Communication

Datweal Whatsapp bot personalizes communication for each customers

24×7 Support

It sets the tone of communication with the patients and is available on-demand, 24×7


Books appointments or initiates tele-consultations, as per preference.


Suggests and books personalised health and wellness packages.

What We offer ?

Datweal Connected Health Station completes basic Health Check in less than 2 Minutes.

Our Health Checks cover:

  •    Metabolic Age
  •    Body composition
  •    BMI
  •    Height
  •    Weight
  •    Diabetes Risk

We can tailor your Datweal Health Station experience as per your business with extended IoMT platform to include additional testing and Disease Scores.

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We are a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company

MedTel’s Datweal Connected Consumer Health Activation Platform engages people to get actively involved in their health. Our clients benefit from having a single platform with connected IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices for personalized health and wellbeing resources that triggers lead generation and retention initiatives, improves standards of care and streamlines the consumer experience.