Why you should care

Our platform improves population health outcomes by encouraging consumers to understand their scores, share their health data and take appropriate actions.


Improve risk identification, stratification and trend analysis with population health profiles to plan and implement appropriate intervention strategies. This leads to better engagement and higher customer satisfaction while lowering long-term costs.

Healthcare Providers

Identify at-risk populations earlier, engage with customers in real time with customised offerings and increase capacity utilisation.This leads to better patient outcomes and higher revenues.


Increase footfalls and earnings by engaging customers with expanded offerings, providing tailored services through access to consumer health profiles and improving retention.

Corporate Health Service Providers

Identify health profiles to improve outreach to employees and families, improve efficacy of care programs with data driven insights to achieve better outcomes.

Governments & Policy Makers

Access population health insights to improve identification and stratification of at-risk populations, measure longitudinal and geographical data to assess policies and proactively plan interventions to improve health.

Pharmaceutical & Life Science Companies

Easily get data for lead generation and enrolment in trials and surveillance programs and directly engage with customers for long term behavioural insights. Longitudinal population level data insights provide direction for future research and development efforts.

We are a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company

MedTel’s Datweal Connected Consumer Health Activation Platform engages people to get actively involved in their health. Our clients benefit from having a single platform with connected IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices for personalized health and wellbeing resources that triggers lead generation and retention initiatives, improves standards of care and streamlines the consumer experience.